A classroom in Sierra Leone with a girl in the front wearing a white blouse, blue skirt and a big smile while she reads from a textbook

Safe, inclusive, quality learning in Sierra Leone

Jon Flinn Global development

Sierra Leone’s education system has been impacted by several major emergencies in recent decades – from civil war, to Ebola, to COVID19. Yet its actors are committed to delivering improvements in education outcomes, specifically in terms of attendance, performance, safety and inclusion. Leh Wi Lan is part of the Sierra Leone Secondary Education Improvement Programme II (SSEIP II), which is …

A group of smiling school children in blue school uniform and white shirts walk away from school towards the camera

Quality learning for all children in Tanzania

Jon Flinn Global development

While most children go to school in Tanzania, education outcomes remain challenging with only 8% of students reaching the national benchmark for reading fluency and 12% reaching the arithmetic benchmark. This is in part because better access to basic education and population growth haven’t been matched by a corresponding increase in teachers. Shule Bora is UK aid-funded programme designed to …

An illustrated image of children in a classroom in Northwest Syria. They are colourfully dressed and sit at desks facing a teacher who stands in front of a blackboard.

Keeping schools open in Northwest Syria

Jon Flinn Global development

Northwest Syria is one of the most challenging contexts in which humanitarian actors work. Keeping schools open and ensuring children are safe to learn are essential to building hope for future generations. The Syria Education Programme – known locally as ‘Manahel’ – is a five-year programme funded by UK International Development and implemented by Chemonics to provide access to safe, …

Tanzanian children in school uniform lined up and singing

Championing scalable approaches to improve learning outcomes in Tanzania

Isobel Wilson-Cleary Global development

Over six years DHA advised EQUIP-Tanzania to champion scalable approaches to improve learning outcomes in primary schools, particularly for girls. Working with a team of national and international education specialists, we developed a communications strategy during the inception period and over six years, continued to work with in-country communications staff to ensure social and behaviour change communications, policy advocacy and …

Two girls with their hair in plaits and school uniform working together at a desk

Transforming access to data in the world’s largest school system

Isobel Wilson-Cleary Global development

DHA provided strategic communications support to Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), a scheme initiated by India’s Department of School Education and Literacy that aimed to achieve universal access to secondary education by 2017. Alongside a team of national and international education experts, we worked on a range of plans to develop creative content that showcased key data and information those …

Graphics showing statistics related to food fortification

Making the case for food fortification

sam Global development

DHA provides communication advice and support to the Food Fortification Programme – Pakistan, a five-year programme aiming to improve the nutritional status of people in Pakistan, particularly women and young children. Working with an in-country team of health and nutrition specialists, we developed a national campaign framework for regional roll-out promoting the consumption and production of fortified food. We provided …

Graphic figures of school report cards

Increasing access to information, quality and governance of education in Punjab

sam Global development

DHA provided strategic communications support to an education reform programme that transformed access, quality and governance of education in Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous state. We designed and delivered a comprehensive four-year information and communication strategy, which included the views of 600 parents, teachers, pupils and community members. It led to the ground-breaking use of school report cards displayed on the …

Reviewing global action for girls

sam Global development

In 2013, DHA assessed the impact of Girl Hub for DFID. We evaluated the extent to which communications, publications and campaigns generated debate and commitment from decision-makers, and helped to build the identity of adolescent girls. DFID’s evaluation methods guided the evaluation which provided several recommendations for Girl Hub’s development.

Building evidence for accountability in Somalia

sam Global development

DHA supported the Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP) to build evidence for what works in strengthening accountability in Somalia. We developed a communications and knowledge management strategy, working with the Kenya-based team to increase the visibility of action research projects, encourage research uptake and share policy recommendations with Somali and international actors. Between 2017 and 2018 …

Infographic explaining maternal health trade-offs in India

Promoting value for money in healthcare resourcing

sam Global development

DHA worked with the International Decision Support Initiative (iDSI) Secretariat, a network of global health experts. We helped them to articulate the importance of value for money in healthcare resourcing across the world for funders and potential country partners, as well as the process of how to do it. In 2016 we developed a communications strategy with the team and …