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DHA are policy, research and communication specialists. We help communities, charities, networks and public sector agencies across the UK, and beyond, to understand and influence the world around them.

We work at all levels – from grassroots community projects to government agency initiatives – to deliver communications, advocacy and research expertise which helps shape real change, make sense of complexity and bring people closer to the decisions that affect their lives.

We specialise in arts and culture, global development and social change and sustainability, working across design, storytelling and strategy development through to policy advocacy, discourse analysis, evaluation and learning.

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"Your flair and your close attention to detail made it a pleasure to work with you."

Cambridge Education

Storytelling lies at the heart of what we do and the way in which we help people shape the world around them. We use our writing and design skills to develop powerful narratives which combine clarity and coherence with compelling content to inspire understanding and action across different platforms.


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Most of us working in communications may feel pressure and adrenaline when a deadline approaches. In my first months as Communications Assistant with DHA, I have come across some useful techniques and habits to help optimise use of resou...

We’re hiring again!

4th November, 2021DHA

We’re looking for two new people to join us – a Global Programmes Manager to oversee the strategic development and delivery of a broad range of communication and advocacy activities and a Communications Assistant to help...

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