Graphics showing statistics related to food fortification

Making the case for food fortification

sam Global development

DHA provides communication advice and support to the Food Fortification Programme – Pakistan, a five-year programme aiming to improve the nutritional status of people in Pakistan, particularly women and young children. Working with an in-country team of health and nutrition specialists, we developed a national campaign framework for regional roll-out promoting the consumption and production of fortified food. We provided …

Infographic explaining maternal health trade-offs in India

Promoting value for money in healthcare resourcing

sam Global development

DHA worked with the International Decision Support Initiative (iDSI) Secretariat, a network of global health experts. We helped them to articulate the importance of value for money in healthcare resourcing across the world for funders and potential country partners, as well as the process of how to do it. In 2016 we developed a communications strategy with the team and …