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Lessons learned and to be learned

Maria Pia Arriola DHA

Most of us working in communications may feel pressure and adrenaline when a deadline approaches. In my first months as Communications Assistant with DHA, I have come across some useful techniques and habits to help optimise use of resources, save valuable time and reach communication goals effectively – all while reducing the inevitable stress of a busy work environment. Fluid …

We’re hiring again!

Jon Flinn DHA

We’re looking for two new people to join us – a Global Programmes Manager to oversee the strategic development and delivery of a broad range of communication and advocacy activities and a Communications Assistant to help connect the dots across our busy team. Get both job descriptions here.

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DHA at 20

Daniel Harris DHA

DHA Communications turns twenty this year. Daniel Harris, Managing Director, reflects on two decades in the business. The truth is, when you create a business, you can sort of make up your own rules.  Ours have been all about social and policy change – sometimes campaigns, but mostly about building the bridge between those who make decisions or provide services …