Don’t mention the war

Jon FlinnCoronavirus

Could ‘careless talk’ really cost lives? Jon Flinn looks at the language of the virus as lockdown eases in the UK Back in the war – the proper one – a whole series of propaganda posters promoted the message that ‘careless talk costs lives’. The confused content of Boris Johnson’s statement relaxing lockdown measures earlier this month may yet prove …

Aisle in supermarket with near empty shelves

In it together?

Jon FlinnCoronavirus

We’re heading into week 6 of lockdown and Jon Flinn (DHA’s Director of Communications) is reflecting on whether we really are all in coronavirus together… Neighbours standing on their doorsteps to clap the NHS every  Thursday night are probably not all acting out of purely altruistic motives. Afterall, who hasn’t felt a warm and cosy fug of togetherness in the …