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Capturing learning to support young musicians

Isobel Wilson-ClearyArts and culture

DHA provides media and evaluation support to Elevate, a community-based music programme, which is capturing learning about how to support young musicians. Elevate is a £100,000 project operating in 10 areas of the UK . It receives funding from ABRSM and four royal schools of music. To date, we have secured initial national media coverage as well as articles in …

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Making the case for investment in music learning

Isobel Wilson-ClearyArts and culture

DHA developed and launched a national music commission to explore the key issues and arguments and help make the case for government investment in music learning. The commission, featuring Sir Nicholas Kenyon, Nitin Sawhney, Suzy Klein and others, gathered evidence over 18 months and DHA then drafted the findings into a compelling final report, Retuning Our Ambitions for Music Learning. …