Inequality Briefing

Communications and Campaigns

Inequality has been rising for 30 years. DHA are working closely with Inequality Briefing to raise awareness of the massive wealth gaps in today's society.  

The gap between rich and poor is the widest since the Second World War. If current trends continue, we will have reached Victorian levels of inequality in 20 years. In 2013 our team designed and conducted a poll, hosted by ICM.

Using new and previously collated data we created a narrative that could communicate the reality of wealth inequality to the general public. We worked with animators at OpenCinema to create a short film.

The aim was to raise public awareness of wealth disparity in the UK. We created a dissemination strategy for the final product and managed media coverage. To date the film has received over 100,000 combined views through platforms on both YouTube and Guardian news website. It has been shared over 500 times through social media.

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