Royal College of Paediatrics and Children's Health (RCPCH)

Bespoke Media Training

DHA’s media training is rated by participants as both enjoyable and highly effective.

For RCPCH and other clients, we not only research the issues, challenges and policy environment, but we give participants a thorough grounding in how news is made, how it is framed, and the techniques required to make the best of every opportunity.

For child health, we developed realistic news scenarios on issues ranging from childhood obesity, cigarette packaging and the reorganisation of the NHS.

Working with ex BBC journalists and news professionals, and using professional camera and sound recording crew, our RCPCH courses for up to 10 people, and the new College President, provided a range of interview types, detailed analysis and feedback, as well as a recorded copy of each of the participant’s performances on the day. We give all those attending a written critique and a handbook summarising tips and techniques.

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