Association of British Orchestras' #orchestraseverywhere

The Association of British Orchestras (ABO) wanted to challenge the misconception that orchestras only reach a narrow racial, age and class audience and reveal the vital contribution orchestras make to our economy and society through their diverse activities. DHA created and coordinated the #orchestraseverywhere campaign, a programme of compelling, counter-intuitive and high-quality communications demonstrating orchestras’ impact in the UK.

The first stage showed the valuable contribution orchestras make to the economy through the creative industries. The campaign included a short, funny and unique campaign video and visually-led report, Making everyday life special: Britain’s orchestras and the creative industries, citing facts and case studies.

The second phase of the programme made the public and policy-makers aware of the work orchestras do across the UK’s diverse communities. DHA found and told the story of individuals whose lives had been changed or enhanced by orchestras, through a series of diverse activities designed to educate, inspire and engage. The stories were told through a series of photographs and a visually-striking report, Reaching Further: British Orchestras in the community, launched at ABO’s annual conference.

To ensure the success of the #orchestraseverywhere campaign we designed an advocacy toolkit to engage, educate and empower ABO members to campaign. The toolkit encompassed a range of advocacy techniques including how to construct a message, hold events, secure press attention, identify and contact politicians and local councillors. The ABO toolkit is available here.

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