Association of British Orchestras (ABO)

Research and Communications

The Association of British Orchestras (ABO) represents and advocates on behalf of British Orchestras. The ABO commissioned DHA to develop and deliver a powerful, and evidence-backed, communications strategy to make the case for further investment in British orchestras.

DHA designed and carried out an online survey of the UK’s professional orchestras, reaching 77% of the sector, covering their activities, audiences and finances. Further in-depth interviews were conducted with a sub-sample to explore further the value of orchestras to the UK.

Our research informed an attractive report ‘The State of Britain’s Orchestra’s in 2013’, presenting the content through a series of infographics and eye-catching statistics. We coordinated the reports delivery to the press to ensure maximum exposure for ABO which led to a variety of media coverage including a full-page article in the Independent on Sunday.

Once the analysis had been completed, we designed an attractive report, presenting the results in a series of infographics in a printable report.

We also developed a press release that presented the results and worked with journalists to secure accurate coverage of the findings, including a full-page article in the Independent on Sunday.

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